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Jewell Printing Machinery, LLC has been a supplier of quality Preowned printing equipment since 1986. Our company can reduce your time and effort spent on trying to locate equipment so that you may deal with the day-to-day operations of your business. We have established a network of dealers around the world that enable us to match you needs with the right piece of quality equipment. Jewell Printing Machinery, LLC realizes the potential concerns that can be experienced with the acquisition of a new piece of equipment. That is why we stand behind what we sell and offer service after the sale.



We will make any and all arrangements with trucking and rigging companies. We will be on site to supervise the loading of our equipment and ensure that it is properly prepared for shipment. All equipment is fully insured during transit



Jewell Printing Machinery, LLC also provides installation services. A technician will be on site from the time the equipment arrives until it has been installed and tested. We guarantee that the piece will operate to our customer’s satisfaction


Appraisal And Liquidation

We can provide you with an appraisal for and individual piece of equipment or and entire plant. We perform liquidations in an orderly manner to obtain the highest value for your equipment or operation



Jewell Printing Machinery, LLC advertises in the top trade magazines in the printing

industry and can include your equipment at no additional cost. We can buy single

pieces or an entire plant or take pieces on consignment.