Jewell Printing Machinery, L.L.C Introduces Itself

I got my start in the industry in 1980 working for a family run business located in the Phoenix area. My initial duties were to move, install and service sheetfed presses and bindery equipment. I quickly realized that the sales door opened  easier through the delivery dock than the front door of a business and moved into the sales arena. In December of 1985 the family decided to close their doors and I was faced with a decision, work for one of our competitors that I had been saying we were better than or work for myself. January 1, 1986 I opened the doors of Jewell Printing Machinery and have been moving forward ever since.

 We have over the years worked closely with the major press manufactures handling removals, repossessions, reconditioning and reinstallations. This relationship allows us an inside look at trade-in machinery before it comes on the market, which means some of the machinery we offer is available to us before brokers ever hear about it and the pricing is increased due to multiple "brokers" making their profit. We try to own what we offer for sale which means you have the ability to buy quality equipment at a reasonable price.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have regarding your equipment nes be it buying, selling or apprisial.



Frank Jewell